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Aims and Ambitions

The academic knowledge and editorial skills contained in-house at Gylphi Limited are particularly broad for a firm of its size, and this means uncompromising quality paired with personal communication. So while you might think that bigger is better when choosing a publisher, here are some points to bear in mind:
  • Our targeted approach to subject matter means that authors publishing with us can expect to see their work appear more frequently and more prominently in catalogues and on the Internet;
  • We like to promote your past, present and future works alongside your publications with us, because we see ourselves as part of a broad ecosystem, and this means readers will get to know your body of work, not just a single book in isolation of all else;
  • Instead of forcing you to fit a single model of sales and marketing we listen to your advice on where to promote and sell your book;
  • If you are looking to publish an adventurous or unusual book then we can tell you very quickly what is possible without wasting time pushing the proposal around separate departments;
  • When you submit a book proposal to Gylphi Limited our response is to give authors a helping hand wherever possible and this means giving feedback even if we feel a work is not ready for publication;
  • Costs are kept low by employing a smaller workforce and by working smarter, meaning that we can sell books at reasonable prices and distribute to a wider audience while not compromising on the rewards going to our authors.
You may also be interested to know the following: (1) When it comes to the environment we are always looking to make greener choices; (2) When it comes to technology we like to embrace and research ways that make our publications accessible to the widest possible audience, while following evolving industry standards; and finally, (3) We like to help you meet the standards expected of scholarly research and academic publishing, in order to create works that have longevity and value.


If you wish to send written proposals or contact us about anything else please do not hesitate to do so. Our postal address is: Gylphi Limited, PO Box 993, Canterbury, Kent CT1 9EP, UK.

If you prefer email then our address is or you can use the automated contact form below. Our telephone number is: +44 (0)1227 807997. To fax us: +44 (0)871 242 4603.

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