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Advisory Board Members 

The best people to advise on the direction of any discipline are those on the inside, researching, writing and teaching. This makes the advisory board one of the most important elements of any academic publishing team. If there are gaps to be filled or areas that are being overlooked then we as publishers need to be told. We invite you to apply in order to help us build the widest possible body of academic opinion on the arts and humanities of the twentieth century and beyond.

Submission Referees 

Complementing the advisory board are the referees. Since every book that is accepted for publication at Gylphi undergoes the process of being 'double-blind' refereed, the referees are the people at the coalface making sure that quality is being upheld. If you would be interested in becoming a referee, then please apply.

Application Form 

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Joining the advisory board
Becoming a referee
Submitting a proposal
Receiving emails about publications (your details will not be passed on or sold to third parties)

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Other Opportunities

Conference CallPerhaps you are involved in a conference, journal or book project and would like help in professionalizing your call for papers or establishing a website. Did you know that part of our work includes assisting open access journals and conference organizers free of charge? Learn More.

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