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Academic Writers 

Our ideal authors will have a doctorate in an arts and/or humanities related field. They will have presented conference papers, preferably at international level and have published, or be in the process of publishing, journal articles while preparing their book length manuscript. Although the book may be based on a PhD thesis, it will be expected that the experiences of presenting findings at conferences, in journals and while teaching will have prompted a certain amount of rewriting and reshaping of ideas prior to submission. Alternatively, you may be a professional writer, artist, film-maker, dramatist or journalist seeking to publish, for example, a critique or reflection. We would equally like to hear from you. The most important thing is that the ideas you have formed about your subject excite you and that you itch to release them to a wider audience.

Book Editors 

You will have already published a single- or co-authored book and possess a reasonable understanding of the essence and expectations of book publishing. Your role will be to use this experience along with a wide-ranging knowledge of your own field in order to bring together contributors for a timely and, above all, high-quality submission.

Journal Editors 

If you are a journal editor, then you are most likely looking for a publisher due to a growth in size that makes it no longer viable (or perhaps desirable) to distribute the periodical yourself. Another scenario might be that you have gathered together an editorial board and are looking for the backing of a publisher to ensure that you gain the best possible combination of quality and distribution from the start.

Proposal Form 

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Conference CallConferences provide some of the most inspiring and invigorating experiences of academic life. Something that it is difficult to capture in a monograph or textbook. Of course, there are many conference proceedings published but these snapshots are only a fraction of the story. There is in addition the story of research as it grows and changes, which at every stage produces fertile offshoots. Have you thought about a book that revisits and explores your published and unpublished papers, accompanied by an enlightening foreword and companion writings to help readers understand more clearly the aims of the research you carried out?


Are you looking to submit to a journal? If so there is the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry.

Book Series

Perhaps your book would fit into our SF Storyworlds: Critical Studies in Science Fiction series.

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