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Defying Genre: Michel Faber

Event organiser(s): Rebecca Langworthy, Kristin Lindfield-Ott and Jim MacPherson

21 July 2016


Event Details

Michel Faber constantly defies genre, and challenges our grasp of fictional modes. Winner of the 2015 Saltire Book of the Year award for A Book of Strange New Things, Faber is omnipresent in the public sphere, but his work is only just beginning to receive critical scholarly attention. With the notable exceptions of Under the Skin and The Crimson Petal and the White, his wide-ranging work is on the edges of current literary studies. This conference – the first devoted to Michel Faber – seeks to rectify this, by allowing both new and established scholars the opportunity to engage with Faber's work.

Keynote speaker: Dr Timothy Baker (University of Aberdeen)

Michel Faber will participate in the conference. He will give a reading, share some of his unpublished works and engage directly with the speakers’ papers.

We invite proposals (200–400 words) for 20-minute papers or pre-constituted panels (3×20 minute papers on a related theme) on any aspect of Faber’s work and career. Papers on adaptations of Faber’s work, teaching Faber’s work, and international responses to Faber’s work are also very welcome. There are also opportunities to remotely present and attend by video-conference; please contact the organisers for further details of this. Selected papers will appear in an edited collection as part of Gylphi’s Contemporary Writers Series.

Deadline for proposals 13th May 2016.

For further information, join the Facebook event page Defying Genre: Michel Faber.

Please address any queries and submit proposals to and/or to Rebecca Langworthy and Kristin Lindfield-Ott.

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