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Cookies are small amounts of data saved to your computer to assist in the functioning of a website. They can also be used to track user activity.

Essential for functionality

The website does not currently require cookies to be stored locally for basic functionality. Server-side identifiers are stored to enable you to purchase books. Data input is controlled by the user and the only sharing that we do is to pass payment information to PayPal. You can read PayPal's cookie policy here.

Privacy Policy

Gylphi only collects data related to purchases you make on the website. This is the data that you supply, i.e. name, address and email. We do not access or store your credit card information. This information is handled by PayPal.

Maling List

If you signup for our mailing list, then we hold your email address for the purposes of emailing you information about our products. We do not share this data with other companies or partners.

Further Information

We will continue to update this information and if you wish to know anything specific please contact us at

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